Thursday, May 28, 2009


Another dreary day in neighborhood should give way for some 'household productivity', right? Why is it that overcast drizzly days are so conducive for couch time and a good book? Should I feel guilty for not using my time more productively, or should I embrace the coziness? After work and the gym today, I will put my couch skills to test. I can only hope that tomorrow gives way to some sunshine, so that I'm able to start the grueling landscaping project for my wonderful future mother in-law. Happy Thursday everyone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A slammer!

This amazing beer was brought to my attention by my brother about a month ago, and I thank him for his amazing discovery. Hop Slam is produced by Bells Brewery Co. and unlike many other beers can be judged by its label. This Ale is packed with super danky bitter hops, and finishes with a touch of honey. All aboard to the beer connoisseurs, and all who are timid be weary. Hopslam is 10% Alcohol by volume and currently on limited distribution, it cost me $49.00 for a 24 PK. In either case, enjoy sparingly!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blogs and Such

Finally upon numerous conversations with good friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers... the envelop has been pushed to capacity, and a blog has been created.

Given the cartoon which happens to be our life, and the world in which most of us live, there is not one intended purpose of this blog. In fact the jumbling of words, sentences, photos, links, thoughts, and ideas that you come across on this blog will most often supply the reader with a satisfying amount of "nonsense" fulfillment. From entertaining and humorous, to educational and insightful; the purpose is to share our thoughts, wishes, and ponders with those who care to indulge.

For those who are in the dark... we are an extremely driven couple that were brought together due to the likes of fine wine, great food and the perpetual need of a smile. Our cheerful personalities and strong opinions only feed our appetite for knowledge. As our relationship continues to grow, so does our constant quest for self improvement and contentment.

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy the randomness that is our life...